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With the exception of the "Summer Classic" still running at the NSC and which will lead nicely into the new 2019/20 season, another busy and successful season is nearly over and done with once again.
With predicted record entries overall after the inaugural season for 'free' competitions, new limits for the cost of prizes have similarly been reached this year, the majority of which are due to be given out at the season finale this Wednesday.
Doors will open around 7pm, and the evening will follow the usual course. Entertainment will be provided by Holbeck WMC either side of the actual presentation itself, which will NOT take place before 8-30pm.
A list of all prize winners can now be viewed in the document section of the website.
Most competitions from start to finish can also be viewed in the "Winners Gallery" by hovering over the "Competitions" tab now.

05 Jul 2019**Belle Isle claim last title of the season**

The winners of the last competition of the season go to Belle Isle coming out on top against a spirited Main Line side to win the Windsor Trophy

Thanks to Dennison Hall for hosting the final, which attracted a good support from both teams.

Also, thanks to both Alex Crum and Ken Symons for excellent officiating.

04 Jul 2019##Summer Classic Update##

Qualifiers from tonight's competition were (31 entries)-
Gary Popple,Mick Jensen,Lewis Gillen and Dave Boyes
They join-Lewis Harper,Daniel Boyes,
Shane Waring and Dave Millward In the finals on Wed 7th August.
Next chance to qualify is on Wed 24th July.
1 space left
Entries so far-
D Booth
V Roy
R Walton
T Doherty
M Ball
D Myers
D French
S Parlour
J Pears
M Pears
D Byrne
N Turner
J Howlett
A Bradley
L Barlow
G Godfree
J Moore
C Moore
T Oates
T Mahmood
P Metcalf
M McGuigan
M Gaughan
M Calvert
A Sumner
S Broadhead
L Brookes
G Hobbs
L Toulson
A Massey
Lee Dickinson

31st July entries-

A Harding
J Todd
Nick De Whytell
D Horry
G Walton
T Griffin

01 Jul 2019##Summer Classic 2nd Qualifying competition##

The second qualifying event is on Wed July 3rd' 7:30 prompt start.
Players registered are

Danny Byrne
M Pears
G Godfree
N Turner
M Ball
J Moore
V Roy
L Gillen
T Oates
S Parlour
A Rennison
Dave Boyes
S Metcalf
T Doherty
C Moore
J Todd
T Mahmood
Dan Booth
Ant Sumner
Gary Popple
Graham Audus
Alan Harding
James Mask
Dave French
M Calvert
Mark Smith
Ant Bradley
D Waring
J Howlett
R Walton
Mick Jensen
Liam Barlow

Jack Townsend
Dylan Myers

If you are on the list above but can,t make it please let me know asap.

Wed 24th

Paul Metcalf
Martin McGuigan

Wed 31st

Tony Massey

30 Jun 2019**Adam Rennison claims the prestigious Sykes Cup Trophy…**

Pre-match favourite Adam Rennison of Harehills Labour fought off a resilient Brian Hussey of Dennison Hall to win the Sykes Cup…

First frame – Brian receiving a 16pt handicap start by Adam started brightly with some excellent opening scoring opportunities to pull away early on. Adam responded well with an excellent 22 break, followed by more scoring and despite a couple of missed snooker attempts, Adam took the colours and the first frame 0 – 1

Second frame – Adam started well, opening with a 16 break, then 14 break and series of other little breaks meant Brian lost this frame with ease 0 – 2

Third frame – Again, it was Adam in the balls first with an early 16 break to immediately reduce the handicap deficit, but back came Brian and a flurry of pots albeit low scoring, this continued throughout the frame to reduce the lead to 1 – 2

Fourth frame – Once again it was Adam with the sustained attacking shots which proved to be the real difference, scoring at almost every opportunity with 14, 16 and 22 breaks respectively to win the frame comfortably, more importantly the title of Sykes Cup winner 1 – 3

Thanks to NSC for providing an excellent playing facility. Thanks also to Alex Crum for officiating

27 Jun 2019##Godfree/Roy win Len Lee Pairs##

Gavin Godfree and Vince Roy of the NSC defeated Stephen Hirst and Dean Pattison of Belle Isle 3-2 to take the Len Lee Pairs title.
A 22 clearance from Godfree gave them the first frame 68-67, and after failing behind in the second they fought back to win 73-43 and take a 2-0 lead. Back came the Belle Isle pair and a 27 break from Hirst gave them the third frame 71-43 followed by a 89-53 win in the fourth to make it 2-2.
The scene was set for a tense fifth frame but it was an anti-climax as the Belle Isle duo could muster a mere 4 points in the decider as they went down 67-9 giving the title to the NSC cueists.

Thanks to Michael Davenport for officiating and to the NSC for use of the match table.

23 Jun 2019##Ryan Walton wins Scratch competition.##

Today saw 18 of LBSO's finest line up in the latest one day competition at the NSC.
In the top half of the draw, recent English under 14 runner up Liam Pullen made the early running with victories over Lee Dickinson and Mick Jensen before an 81 break (which would prove to be the highest of the day) helped him to a win over Stephen Broadhead and a place in the semi-final. Ryan Walton beat Lee Atkinson and youngster Daniel Boyes in reaching the semi before winning two close frames against Pullen to reach the final.
In the lower half English under 14 Champion Stanley Moody had wins over Malcolm Timblin and Tommy Doherty before eventually losing to Lewis Gillen in the semi-final, Gillen having earlier seen off Mark Ball and Isa Ishtiaq.
Gillen won the first frame of the final and went 40 points in front in the second before Walton fought back to level the match on the black. The decider could have gone either way but it was Walton who eventually potted yellow to blue to leave his opponent needing a snooker and effectively seal the match.
The Plate competition was won by Lee Dickinson who defeated Gavin Godfree in the final.

22 Jun 2019##This weeks finals matches##

This Monday,24th, its the Sykes Cup Final between Adam Rennison (13) of Harehills Labour and Brian Hussey (29) of Dennison Hall.

On Wednesday 26th its the Len Lee Pairs Final between Hirst/Pattison (5) of Belle Isle against Godfree/Roy (13) of NSC.

Both matches are at the NSC, 7:30 start. Dress code applies.

Tomorrow, Sunday 23rd, its the LBSO sponsored Scratch competition. £10 entry. 10am start.
Registered players are-

Gavin Godfree
Mark Ball
Stanley Moody
Lee Brookes
Lewis Harper
Jonathan Todd
Taz Mahmood
Tommy Doherty
Nick De Whytell
Malcolm Timblin
Dave Boyes
Daniel Boyes
Jack Townsend
Lewis Gillen
Liam Pullen
Mick Jensen
Steve Broadhead
Lee Atkinson
Ryan Walton
Danny Newton

21 Jun 2019**Horsforth Conservative claim victory in 3 Man KO Final…**

Horsforth Conservative triumphed 4-2 winners over a resilient Garforth WMC team last night in the final of the 3 Man KO

Garforth led after the first encounter between Gary Hobbs of Horsforth played Stuart Winter, Hobbs never really got into this frame and Stuart receiving 9 start took the frame comfortably. 1-0

On the other table between Peter Whincup of Horsforth and Mark Smith from Garforth, it was bit more contentious. Peter giving a 15pt start in handicap capitalised and was well up in his frame until a series of foul n misses from a tricky laid snooker allowed Mark to seize the opportunity and snatch the frame for Garforth to lead 2-0

The third match was against No1’s Baz Frankland from Horsforth against Dave Elmy from Garforth. Baz conceding a 33pt start handicap was always up against from the off. The frame was in the balance up until the colours, Dave potting brown and blue and with just the pink required played a poor safety shot to allow Baz to pot the pink to the middle and a tricky black to reduce the deficit to 2-1

Peter and Mark started their 2nd frame and Peter with his tail up after losing his first frame like he did started very well with some excellent pots. It was peter now to lay a tricky snooker and just like in their first frame it was Mark on the receiving end with a series of foul n misses to allow Peter to comfortably take the frame to lever the match at 2-2

Both final frames started roughly the same time between No2’s and No1’s respectively. But the standout frame was the No1 of Horsforth, Baz Frankland. After having an early 22 break, he was quickly back at the table in the balls again. A superb 91 break, only missing the final black was of the highest standard and the match was in Horsforth’s grasp with one frame left to finish. 2-3

Gary Hobbs started his second frame more positively and quickly opened up a 20 point advantage over Stuart, this was clawed back with every opportunity, but onto the colours and it was Hobbs to step up to pot a very good brown, blue and pink to claim the frame and title of 3 Man KO winners.

Thanks to Hawksworth Conservative Club for hosting the final and providing excellent playing conditions.

Thanks also to our match referees on the night Michael Davenport and Ken Symons

18 Jun 2019**Ryan Massey eases to Stan Brooke Singles title…..**

The final brought a young Ryan Massey against the veteran Tony Barker of Dennison Hall.
Ryan receiving a 40pt start per frame was always the favourite over the 3 frame aggregate rules.
The first frame saw both players playing with freedom with some good early exchange of pots, but it was Ryan that made the most and quick fire 24 break opened the advantage.
Tony tried to reduce the deficit clearing some of the colours, but Ryan potted the final black to have a big advantage after the 1st frame 49 – 112

Second frame started slowly, Tony made the most of some slack casual play from Ryan. With the scoreboard ticking over in favour of the Dennison Hall man, it looked like the deficit would be surely clawed back. But up stepped Ryan and a brilliantly crafted 26 break ensured the deficit remained and ultimately ended this contest. 56 – 83

So, onto the third frame and with a 90pt advantage plus his 40-start meant Tony was effectively 130 behind. The task was near impossible once Ryan picked off a couple of reds. Tony battled regardless but the task was too much, and a concession drew handshakes.

Well done to both players for playing in such good spirit!

Thanks to NSC for hosting the final and providing an excellent playing facility.
Thanks also to Alex Crum for officiating.

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