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Team Division Captain Play Night
Harehills Liberal Division D John Davison Wednesday
Swillington MW Division E Arran Cooper Wednesday
Harehills WMC B Division E Michael Calvert Wednesday
Morley Cons A Division E Dave Worthington Wednesday
Harehills Labour B Division E Lee Wilson Wednesday
Moor Allerton A Division E Hardeep Sur Wednesday
Morley Cons B Division E Brian Pickles Wednesday
The New Middleton Club Division E Phil Buckle Wednesday
Barnbow Soc B Division E John Howlett Wednesday
Armley Cons Division F Mike Reddington Wednesday
Gildersome Cons C Division F Joe Hampshaw Thursday
Barnbow Soc A Division E Robert Friend Wednesday
Horsforth Cons Division E Mark Ball Wednesday
Garforth WMC A Division D Tony Fisher Wednesday
Crossgates Rec B Division D Jason Hudson Wednesday
Tinshill & Cridge D Division D Jonny Booth Thursday
Farsley Cons Division D Jack Firth Wednesday
Swarcliffe WMC C Division D Simon Hindley Thursday
Denison Hall B Division D Terry Blackburn Wednesday
East End Park A Division E Neil Wright Wednesday
Bramley Villagers B Division E Michael Smith Wednesday
New Headingley B Division E Mark Sullivan Wednesday
Chapel Allerton B Division E Jon O'Leary Wednesday
The Railway Club Division F Simon Cowlwell Wednesday
Leeds Anglers B Division F Malcolm Timblin Wednesday
Seacroft WMC Division G Tony Woodall Wednesday
Northern SC D Division G Andy Blamire Wednesday
Rowland Road C Division G Liam Nicholson Thursday
East Leeds SC Division G Austin O'Boyle Wednesday
Holbeck WMC B Division G Gavin Griffin Wednesday
Oakwood SC Division G Tim Lintott Wednesday
Chapel Allerton A Division G Malcolm Robertshaw Wednesday
Pudsey Liberal B Division G Charlie Noon Wednesday
Swarcliffe WMC B Division G Graham Hackett Wednesday
Moor Allerton B Division G Russell Stancliffe Wednesday
Leeds Deaf Social Division G Peter O'Connell Wednesday
U & L Wortley Liberal B Division G Lee Craven Wednesday
Belle Isle WMC C Division F Ken Symons Thursday
Belle Isle WMC A Division F Mark Loughlan Wednesday
Rowland Road B Division F Dave Millward Wednesday
Tinshill & Cridge C Division F Matthew Hey Thursday
Beechwood WMC B Division F Graham Clarehugh Wednesday
Bramley Villagers C Division F Darren Johnson Thursday
Crossgates WMC B Division F John Daniel Wednesday
Pudsey Liberal A Division F Mark Sims Wednesday
Belle Isle WMC D Division F Joe Crossthwaite Thursday
LPSA B Division G Jason Buckley Wednesday
Hunslet Carr Division G Thomas Oates Wednesday
Leeds Anglers A Division D Neil Anderson Wednesday
Middleton Cons A Division A Lee Sigsworth Wednesday
Excelsior SC B Division A Steve Brady Wednesday
Queenswood Soc Division B Steve Raine Wednesday
Holbeck WMC A Division B Matthew Cable Wednesday
East End Park B Division B Steve McArdle Wednesday
Crossgates Rec A Division B Gary Calter Wednesday
Belle Isle WMC B Division B Tony Fell Wednesday
Gildersome Cons A Division B Julian Keegan Wednesday
Northern SC A Division B Gordon Lam Wednesday
Bramley Villagers A Division B Mark Battle Wednesday
New Moorside Division B Neville Dillon Wednesday
Morley WMC & Institute A Division A Andy Taffinder Wednesday
Garforth WMC B Division A David Elmy Wednesday
Harehills WMC A Division A Ian O'Brien Wednesday
Bramley Band B Division A Paul Metcalf Wednesday
Main Line Soc A Division A Charlie Boyle Wednesday
Tinshill & Cridge A Division A Mick McMillan Wednesday
Excelsior SC A Division A Tom Doherty Wednesday
Northern SC C Division A Rob Berry Thursday
U & L Wortley Liberal A Division A Graham Audus Wednesday
Swarcliffe WMC A Division A Lee Hill Wednesday
New Wortley Labour Division A Dave McCormack Wednesday
Bramley WMC A Division A Andy Farrally Wednesday
Main Line Soc B Division B Lee Atkinson Wednesday
Rothwell WMC Division B Shane Coburn Wednesday
Morley International Division C Michael Sunderland Wednesday
Morley WMC & Institute B Division C Garry Payne Wednesday
Bramley WMC C Division C Robert Kennally Thursday
Corpus Christi A Division C Mick Done Wednesday
South Leeds Cons B Division C Shaun Brennan Wednesday
Bramley Band A Division D David Wright Wednesday
Edmund House B Division D Stephen Broadhead Wednesday
Middleton Cons B Division D Richard Aspin Wednesday
Harehills Labour A Division D Graham Cole Wednesday
Northern SC B Division D Taz Mahmood Wednesday
Crossgates WMC A Division C Daniel Wood Wednesday
Edmund House A Division C Gary Harker Wednesday
Adel Memorial A Division B Alan Sowden Wednesday
Bramley WMC B Division B Brian Wolstenhulme Wednesday
Gildersome Cons B Division B Paul Bedford Wednesday
New Headingley A Division C Andrew Heseltine Wednesday
Rowland Road A Division C Martin Hughes Wednesday
LPSA A Division C Andy Mitchell Wednesday
Beechwood WMC A Division C Dave Longthorn Wednesday
Hawksworth Cons Division C Stuart Walker Wednesday
South Leeds Cons A Division C Drew Elwood Wednesday
Tinshill & Cridge B Division C Rob Howells Wednesday
Denison Hall A Division D Mick Allen Wednesday

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