Chapel Allerton Club

19 Town Street
Chapel Allerton
West Yorkshire


T: 01132 624 269


More Information
**Under 16's cannot watch nor play: Under 18's can watch but not play: ladies can play. ** With regards U.16’s & 18’s the above is reversed, BUT ONLY if the following criteria is followed-: • On each occasion, the opposing captain must make contact with the home captain for prior approval of the ages and the number of juniors involved; • The juniors are to be supervised at all times by the visiting team, and the Captain remains ultimately responsible for their behaviour; • All of which is subject to on-going review, which means the relaxation can be withdrawn at any time by the host club without notice. "



Teams & Players

Chapel Allerton A

» Martin Rider

» Andy Topp

» Don Spence

» Wayne McNulty

» Les Fawcett

» Malcolm Robertshaw

» Thomas Wealthy

» Simon Dixon

» Conrad Ellam

» Simon Aspinall

» Oliver Hinchcliffe

» Paul Shepherd

» Marcus Shepherd

» Glen Cooper


Chapel Allerton B

» Jon O'Leary

» Matt Taylor

» Jonathan Cooper

» Pete Neville

» Austin Rhodes

» Kevin Seaton

» Dave Rowley

» Richard Hagerty

» David Allanson

» Emmanuel James

» Darren Earley

» Emmanuel James


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