Leeds City Championships - Pairs

Format-Played at home drawn club-Best of 5 frames off scratch. Semi-finals best of 9 over 2 legs. 4 frames at home drawn club then a maximum of 5 at away club. Final to be played at NSC on date TBC. Dress code applies for final only. Contact details MUST be provided.

CLOSING DATE: Semi Finals Sunday 15th November.



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# Team Result v Result Team
A Matt Buttler
Sam McElhinney
(New Headingley Club)
0 v 99 Tom Doherty
Ryan Walton
(Denison Hall Club)
B Stephen Broadhead
James Ball
(Edmund House Club)
0 v 99 Damien Gale
Gavin Godfree
(Northern Snooker Centre)
C Martin Golden
Alan Bennet
(Tinshill & Cookridge Club)
3 v 0 Arran Cooper
Kurtis Walker
(Swillington Miners Welfare)
D Michael Calvert
Paul Mawson
(Harehills WMC)
3 v 1 Danny Byrne
Mark Lunn
(Gildersome Conservative Club)
Liam Pullen
Tony Massey
(Northern Snooker Centre)
- v - BYE  
Mark Ball
Scott Raper
(Horsforth Conservatives)
- v - BYE  
Johnathon Todd
Taz Mahmood
(Northern Snooker Centre)
- v - BYE  
Barry Frankland
Liam Thewlis
(Horsforth Conservatives)
- v - BYE  
Richard Binns
Glen Cassidy
(Belle Isle WMC)
- v - BYE  
Wayne Gledhill
Daniel Cowie
(Tinshill & Cookridge Club)
- v - BYE  
Martin McGuigan
Lee Atkinson
(Main Line Social Club)
- v - BYE  
Dave French
Bob Patterson
(Crossgates Recreation Hall)
- v - BYE  
Sam Oxley
Paul Sigsworth
(Pudsey Liberal Club)
- v - BYE  
Andy Dilucia
Darren Tate
(Leeds Postal Sports Association Club)
- v - BYE  
Sanderson Lam
Lewis Gillen
(Northern Snooker Centre)
- v - BYE  
David Wright
Kevin Turner
(Bramley Band Club)
- v - BYE  
David Horry
Tony Griffin
(Barnbow Social Club)
- v - BYE  
Gordon Lam
Dave Boyes
(Northern Snooker Centre)
- v - BYE  
Phil Buckle
Steve Quigley
(Middleton Conservative Club)
- v - BYE  
Ady Aveyard
Ian Rayner
(Rothwell WMC)
- v - BYE  
Rob Drummond
Dave McCormack
(New Wortley Labour)
- v - BYE  
Jon O'Leary
Richard Hagerty
(Chapel Allerton Club)
- v - BYE  
Chris Hart
Michael Gaughan
(Morley WMC and Institute)
- v - BYE  
Anthony Sumner
Dave Sutcliffe
(Harehills WMC)
- v - BYE  
Adam Rennison
Dylan Myers
(Harehills Labour Club)
- v - BYE  
Tyrone Horsfall
Gary Daniels
(New Wortley Labour)
- v - BYE  
Steven Hirst
Dean Pattison
(Belle Isle WMC)
- v - BYE  
Andy Taffinder
Paul Grimes
(Morley WMC and Institute)
- v - BYE  
Malcolm Bilclough
Mick Jensen
(Hawksworth Conservative Club)
- v - BYE  
James Pears
Ian O'Brien
(Barnbow Social Club)
- v - BYE  
John Mullen
Liam Nicholson
(Rowland Road WMC)
- v - BYE  
Sean Stevens
Gene Lam
(Northern Snooker Centre)
- v - BYE  


Contact Details

ClubTeam Player Contact Number
Barnbow Social ClubBarnbow Social Club AIan O'Brien 07940652196
 James Pears 07746930873
 Barnbow Social Club BDavid Horry 07593531100
 Tony Griffin 07773336094
Belle Isle WMCBelle Isle WMC AGlen Cassidy
 Richard Binns 07392825724
 Belle Isle WMC BDean Pattison 07393297702
 Steven Hirst
Bramley Band ClubBramley Band Club ADavid Wright 07828086132
 Kevin Turner 07787137362
Chapel Allerton ClubChapel Allerton Club AJon O'Leary 07954018153
 Richard Hagerty
Crossgates Recreation HallCrossgates Recreation Hall ABob Patterson 07913662345
 Dave French 07740088188
Denison Hall ClubDenison Hall Club ARyan Walton 07960746797
 Tom Doherty 07960746797
Edmund House ClubEdmund House Club BJames Ball
 Stephen Broadhead 07501922405
Gildersome Conservative ClubGildersome Conservative Club ADanny Byrne 07557653862
 Mark Lunn 07557653862
Harehills Labour ClubHarehills Labour Club AAdam Rennison 07380464630
 Dylan Myers
Harehills WMCHarehills WMC AAnthony Sumner 07473185057
 Dave Sutcliffe
 Harehills WMC BMichael Calvert 07834523022
 Paul Mawson 07976500005
Hawksworth Conservative ClubHawksworth Conservative Club AMalcolm Bilclough 07840054429
 Mick Jensen 07948522294
Horsforth ConservativesHorsforth Conservatives AMark Ball 07482194676
 Scott Raper 07734526388
 Horsforth Conservatives BBarry Frankland 07713343189
 Liam Thewlis +44 7880 221600
Leeds Postal Sports Association ClubLeeds Postal Sports Association Club AAndy Dilucia 07716361837
 Darren Tate 07513412606
Main Line Social ClubMain Line Social Club ALee Atkinson
 Martin McGuigan 07388520010
Middleton Conservative ClubMiddleton Conservative Club APhil Buckle 07538557449
 Steve Quigley
Morley WMC and InstituteMorley WMC and Institute AAndy Taffinder 07771770051
 Paul Grimes 07836258330
 Morley WMC and Institute BChris Hart 07429142661
 Michael Gaughan
New Headingley ClubNew Headingley Club AMatt Buttler 07725945042
 Sam McElhinney +447725945042
New Wortley LabourNew Wortley Labour AGary Daniels
 Tyrone Horsfall 07874929472
 New Wortley Labour BDave McCormack 0113 2794914
 Rob Drummond 07878315085
Northern Snooker CentreNorthern Snooker Centre AJohnathon Todd 07954441425
 Taz Mahmood 07742360816
 Northern Snooker Centre BLiam Pullen 07790 212088
 Tony Massey 07955808074
 Northern Snooker Centre CDamien Gale 07947853618
 Gavin Godfree 07793015539
 Northern Snooker Centre DGene Lam 07378493559
 Sean Stevens 07966044232
 Northern Snooker Centre EDave Boyes +447795298730
 Gordon Lam 07462136624
 Northern Snooker Centre FLewis Gillen 07703 684021
 Sanderson Lam 7402625101
Pudsey Liberal ClubPudsey Liberal Club APaul Sigsworth 07948759282
 Sam Oxley 07808153156
Rothwell WMCRothwell WMC AAdy Aveyard 07818283974
 Ian Rayner
Rowland Road WMCRowland Road WMC AJohn Mullen 07521003544
 Liam Nicholson
Swillington Miners WelfareSwillington Miners Welfare AArran Cooper 07399494113
 Kurtis Walker 07922885601
Tinshill & Cookridge ClubTinshill & Cookridge Club AAlan Bennet 07796170063
 Martin Golden 07966603595
 Tinshill & Cookridge Club BDaniel Cowie
 Wayne Gledhill 07895113659

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