Leeds City Championships - Team

Played off scratch, min of 4 max of 6 to register of which 3 to play. All players must be registered with same club. Each player plays 2 frames, in the event of a draw the captains choose a player to play deciding frame. Semis are over 2 legs -best of 13, first 6 fames at home drawn club then a max of 7 at away drawn club. Final (best of 7) at NSC Date TBC. (Dress code applies for final only). Contact details MUST be provided.

CLOSING DATE: Semi Finals-Sunday 27th September.



Preliminary Fixtures Next Round »

# Team Result v Result Team
A Harehills WMC A
(Harehills WMC)
0 v 4 Belle Isle WMC A
(Belle Isle WMC)
B Harehills Labour Club A
(Harehills Labour Club)
1 v 4 Horsforth Conservatives A
(Horsforth Conservatives)
Rowland Road WMC A
(Rowland Road WMC)
- v - BYE  
Northern Snooker Centre A
(Northern Snooker Centre)
- v - BYE  
Pudsey Liberal Club A
(Pudsey Liberal Club)
- v - BYE  
Tinshill & Cookridge Club A
(Tinshill & Cookridge Club)
- v - BYE  
Bramley Band Club A
(Bramley Band Club)
- v - BYE  
Edmund House Club B
(Edmund House Club)
- v - BYE  
Morley Conservative Club A
(Morley Conservative Club)
- v - BYE  
Main Line Social Club A
(Main Line Social Club)
- v - BYE  
Denison Hall Club A
(Denison Hall Club)
- v - BYE  
Horsforth Conservatives B
(Horsforth Conservatives)
- v - BYE  
Morley WMC and Institute A
(Morley WMC and Institute)
- v - BYE  
New Wortley Labour A
(New Wortley Labour)
- v - BYE  
Barnbow Social Club A
(Barnbow Social Club)
- v - BYE  
Gildersome Conservative Club A
(Gildersome Conservative Club)
- v - BYE  


Contact Details

ClubTeam Player Contact Number
Barnbow Social ClubBarnbow Social Club AJames Pears
 John Howlett 01132644992
 Mark Pears
 Nigel Turner 01132604362
 Shannon Metcalf
 Tony Griffin
Belle Isle WMCBelle Isle WMC AGary Barton
 Glen Cassidy
 Richard Binns 07392825724
 Scott Fell
 Steven Hirst
 Tony Fell
Bramley Band ClubBramley Band Club ADavid Wright 07828086132
 Kevin Turner
 Lee Hughes
 Neil Topley
 Simon Hutchinson
 Simon Hutchinson
Denison Hall ClubDenison Hall Club AGerry Walton
 Liam Barlow
 Ryan Walton
 Tom Doherty 07960746797
Edmund House ClubEdmund House Club BJames Ball
 Matthew Simons
 Nicky Pratt
 Shaun Dewendy
 Stephen Broadhead 07501922405
Gildersome Conservative ClubGildersome Conservative Club ADanny Byrne
 John Kitchen
 Mark Lunn
 Michael Gaughan 07743519076
 Simon Hampshaw
Harehills Labour ClubHarehills Labour Club AAdam Rennison 07380464630
 Danny Dean 07940229479
 Graham Cole 07951446813
 Jordan Wikinson 07383567711
 Luke Campey 07401864789
 Steven Parlour 07403672458
Harehills WMCHarehills WMC AAlan Harding
 Anthony Sumner 07473185057
 Michael Calvert
 Paul Mawson
 Winston David
Horsforth ConservativesHorsforth Conservatives ABarry Frankland 07713343189
 Daniel Knight
 Lewis Walsh
 Liam Thewlis
 Horsforth Conservatives BMark Ball 07482194676
 Mick Jensen
 Phil Morton
 Scott Raper
Main Line Social ClubMain Line Social Club ADanny Newton
 Gareth Priestley
 Lee Atkinson
 Mark King
 Martin McGuigan 07388520010
 Peter Priestley
Morley Conservative ClubMorley Conservative Club AIan Sharp 07736880740
 James Sykes
 Mark McGreavy
 Paul Thorpe
 Steve Gilroy
 Steve Moody
Morley WMC and InstituteMorley WMC and Institute AAndy Taffinder 07771770051
 Bob Patterson 07771770051
 Chris Hart 07771770051
 Lee Dickinson 07771770051
 Murray Przybyl 07771770051
 Paul Sparkes 07771770051
New Wortley LabourNew Wortley Labour ACraig Myers
 Dylan Myers 07594240585
 Jordan Quinn
 Josh Becic
 Michael Collins
 Rob Drummond 0747831085
Northern Snooker CentreNorthern Snooker Centre ADave Boyes
 Gordon Lam
 Lewis Gillen 07703684021
 Sanderson Lam
Pudsey Liberal ClubPudsey Liberal Club ACharlie Noon 07802639508
 Jagdeep Singh
 James Drury
 Rob Stone
 Rob Stone (Snr)
 Sam Oxley
Rowland Road WMCRowland Road WMC ADaniel Hughes
 John Mullen 07521003544
 Liam Nicholson
 Martin Hughes
Tinshill & Cookridge ClubTinshill & Cookridge Club AAlan Bennet
 Anthony Dunhill
 Daniel Cowie
 James Manojovic
 Josh Armstrong
 Wayne Gledhill 07895113659

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